bike to work tips

There are many benefits to bicycle commuting.

However, Equipment on a rainy day,Bicycle purchase cost,Commuting distance,because there is a lot of problems, I think in some people not being able to start the bike ride?

In this site, based on the experience I started cycling to work actually, I will introduce how to choose a bicycle,recommended goods and Other tips.

I started the bike commuting in March 2005, and succeeded in diet of 7kg in three months.

I have examined the correspondence after the accident and insurance in the wake of a traffic accident that occurred in 2007.

I also enjoy cycling as a hobby as well as bicycle commuting.

I'm in the mood divided ride a mountain bike and road bike now.

It is so much fun bicycle commuting, so I'm thinking that it was good if I start the bike commuting earlier.

I'm going to guide you the best bicycle commuting.