The bike trip you can enjoy cycling the most.

The bike trip you can enjoy cycling the most.

The “cycle trip" is to carry your bicycle by train or other public transport and “bicycle bag" is a package to use for it.

It is very convenient to prepare for a cycle trip just in case of rain or bike trouble. I explain some benefits of a bicycle bag and cycle trip here.

You can enjoy your bike life much more by cycle trip.

You don’t have to worry about the rain with preparation for cycle trip. Don’t push yourself so much and enjoy a cycle trip in case of rain, especially in the summer evening.

You can also enjoy cycling on weekends. You can go to a highland with good vista and pedal in fresh air and scenery.

Tips 1: Prepare a bicycle bag.

You have to prepare a bicycle bag. You don’t have to buy a special made bag for cycle trip as far as it can pack disassembled bicycle and durable enough.

A bicycle bagchoose the back easy to carry.

A special bicycle bag can be folded to a small size which is as small as a folding umbrella and can be used as a small bag attaching to the bike. It costs around 40 USD.

Make sure if your bike can easily be packed before your purchase of a bicycle bag. Here are some criteria.

The quick lever and center stand handy for a bike trip Center stand is useful when housed in the back.
  • To be able to remove the front and rear wheels from the flame by quick bar.
  • No stand or with a center stand
  • No mud guards or easily removable mud guards

Be careful. You can’t enjoy bicycle trip is your bike has fixed mud guards.