Does cycling make your legs thicker?

Does cycling make your legs thicker?

Many people worry if their legs (tights) get thicker when they try losing their weight by “bike to work". The fact is that your legs can be thicker and thinner depending on how you pedal. Let’s ride a bike in the right way to get your tights more slim.

It is true that a grandee’s bike makes your legs thicker

Most of people imagine a utility bicycle, so called as a grandee’s bike, when they think of bicycle..

A grandee’s bike has a low saddle and all your weight go only to your hip. Therefore, your tights have heavy loads when starting or climbing up hills. This load to your tights makes your legs thicker.

A sport type bike supports equally at your arms, lower back and legs with inclining forward. This distributes the pedaling power not only to your legs but also to your whole body. You will see that you can use your abdominal muscle and arms efficiently.

The pedaling to get more slim legs

However, I can tell you that a sporty bike always makes your legs thinner, can’t I? No, really.

Tips to get more slim legs by cyclingturn a little early with a light gear

If you pedal like a short track racer, heavy and momentary loads to your legs, your tights become thicker and thicker. On the other hand, the legs of a distance racer such as a Tour de France player looks well-muscled but slim

The tip to make your legs slim is to support your weight by arms, hip and legs, to pedal at lighter gear without sudden acceleration.

Riding with as little load as possible to your legs burns your whole body fat and makes your legs slim.

Not only push but also pull the pedals

You can cycle forward not only by pushing down pedals but also pulling them. The Cycle athletes fix their feet to the pedals by the bindings. But it seems to be too much for “bike to work”.

More handy goods is a belt to fix your feet to pedals. You only have to insert the tips of your feet into the belts when riding. This requires less power to push pedals and a certain load to your abdominal muscle, then shape up your fat body.

Use pulling power for less load to our legs.left:A belt to secure the pedal and foot. right:It is possible to pull the pedal.