Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of bike to work

It is important to imagine advantages and disadvantages of “bike to work" as many as possible before your start. Please look at following list and think of some advantages for yourself.

You can save train charge and the car maintenance cost. (You can recover as much cost as you paid for your bike soon).
You will be released from stress by packing trains or traffic jams.
Good for your health and fitness.
You can go anywhere without worrying about train stations or car parking.
You can also “bike to lunch" to a bit away from your office.
You will be completely awake before arrival at your office.
You have less stress.
You can give your bike mates detour information.
Some colleagues may be interested in your "bike to work".
Harmless to the Earth.
The weather is the matter.
It is hot in summer and cold in winter. (You will sweat.)
Can be stolen easier than a car or a motor bicycle.
You can’t listen to music during the commute.
The bottom of your pants will be easily rubbed and get shiny.