How much weight a bike can stand for?

How much weight a bike can stand for?

You may worry if your bike can bear your weight before you begin losing weight.

I explain about the limitation of bike load.

Even a grandee’s bike can carries 220lbs.

How much weight a bike can stand for? Even a grandee’s bike can carries 2 people.
To tell the result, most of the bicycles are able to bear 220lbs. weight.

You can remind that the high school students rode double in the past. The weight of 2 high school students should be around 220 lbs.

You can see that if you think that even a grandee’s bike around 100 USD price range runs well,

There actually exist some bicycles which are not strong enough for heavy loads.

How much weight a bike can stand for? In case of a professional road bike.
Some professional bikes are not so tough enough. For example, a road bike uses the carbon fiber to make it's weight lighter and it can’t bear too much weight.

Because the weight goes only to slim tires and the weight limit of tires becomes lower. If you have a look at those user guides, most of road bike has a load limit around 130 to 200 lbs.

A folding bicycle may hold lower weight than others because the folding part is weak.

You don’t have to concern about weight as far as you maintain your bike well.

Maintenance of air pressure is important.
Except the road bikes and folding bikes (e.g. The cross bikes, the mountain bikes etc.), such bicycles as used for “bike to work” can bear 220 lbs load.

Some people may worry if such slim tires can really hold your weight. But some there are some bike racers with body weight heavier than 175 lbs. ride for a distance. Their road bike's tires are very slim but they stand for such weight during a long race.

Of course, the load to a bicycle is different when one with 130 lbs. Wright and other with 220 lbs. ride on. Check air pressure and abrasion of tires once a week.

Chose a mountain bike if you still worry bout weight

Mountain bike If you care about the weight limit.
You can choose a mountain bike if you can’t believe that such slim tires of cross bike can hold your weight. As described in “Choose a mountain bike if you make much about durability”, a mountain bike distributes weight efficiently with thicker flames, wider tires and tubes.

Some mountain bike has a suspension at it's rear wheel. But I recommend you to choose one with a front suspension only or without suspensions, because your weight press the rear suspension too much and pedaling power may not be transferred efficiently.