A 29er MTB for commuting.

How about a choice of 29er MTB for commute?

A 29er MTB is a mountain bike with larger wheels than normal ones (26er).

It is popular in the aspect of its appearance and function. How good it is to commute?

It looks cool.

29erMTB.Cool-looking rustic

Many people think that the mountain bike is something American and clunky. The 29er bicycle is a good design for such people.

The air volume increase with larger tires. It has much of presence.

The gap of appearance between the burly tires and slim frame makes it look stylish when it has a thin frame.

Is riding better with it?

The reason why the 29er bike is designed was to acquire an advantage with bigger wheels to go over a big gap and to cruise faster.

Some disadvantages for commute

You should be careful that the advantages of 29er bike are for mountain ride as a mountain bike.

You don't have merits on flat roads for commute. You may feel a bit heavy on uphills.

You also need to stop and start repeatedly while commuting, and you may feel heavy at the start and your legs may be tired.

Furthermore, the bigger tires make the bike body taller. It may be too tall for some people.

When you choose 29er for commute

If you fell in love with design,choice A 29er mountain bike for commuting.

Confirm whether it fits your body well. I recommend this to those loves this design despite of any advantages for commute.

You will look unique enough in the town if riding on the clunky 29er in a business suit.