US300$+ is the main price range

US300$+ is the main price range of commuting bike.

You may say “300 USD! Expensive!" thinking of general bicycles (a grandee's bikes). But you will know the qualities once you try them. You will say,
“This is totally different from bicycles I know".

I explain some advantages you can't have without paying 300 to 500 USD..

300+ USD bike is light. anyway.

A cross bike in 30 USD price range

The 300 to 500 USD class bicycles have all aluminum made body and have light parts such as transmission. Some are partially carbon made.

Select ones with 22 to 26 lbs. weight. This “lightness" is an important point for you to commute for more than 6 miles without any difficulties.

You will be surprised at easiness to start and feel like you can accelerate speed without limitation.

The slim tires makes little road noise. You will experience wonderful ride listening only to wind when you go on a flat street at 16 to 19 miles/hr.

Easy to maintain.

You may have to pay attentions to some iron parts such as small screws, but most of parts like the frame are all aluminum made. You don't have to worry about rust even it get wet in the rain.

You can recover 300 USD soon

You can recover 300 USD within a year by saving commuting pass fee or gas charge you have spent as I explain in the page “A cost comparison with train commuting" and “A cost comparison with car commuting".

Motivated more to continue.

Spending 300 USD for only a bicycle gives you motivation to continue “bke to work". You will surely enjoy comfortable ride very much which you got at 300 USD. This makes you continue without difficulties.

Easiness to change parts.

300 USD classA bicycle parts made by Shimano trusted worldwide.

300 USD class bicycle uses parts made by famous manufactures like Shimano. You can get spare parts soon when some part of you bike is broken. You can easily find and get applicable parts by searching in the Internet.

You want more professional bike after some ride, but you may not buy such expensive bikes so often. In such cases, you can enjoy replacing parts to greater ones if your bike equip standardized parts.

You will have a lot of fun if you replace handle to a drop handle like a road bike.(See:The advantages of a drop handle