How to sell or dispose your bicycle

How to sell or dispose your bicycle

Here I explain the way to do away with the bicycle.

Basically, you should sell one which you can still ride on and dispose one which has been damaged as badly as you can't repair.

1 To sell as a used bicycle

If your bike is one of the bikes I introduced in "recommended bicycle for commute" and even if it has got rusted, you can sell it to a secondhand shop. Some shops quote on the Internet. So you may request them for a quote. You don't have to pay shipping cost and they arrange to pick it up in most case.

2 To auction off

Net Auctions is recommended if You sell unnecessary bicycleNet Auctions is recommended if You sell unnecessary bicycle

I recommend you to sell at Yahoo! Auction. I once sold "Giant rock4500" for US190$ which I bought at US200$ at an auction one year ago.

You can repair rusted wire, chain or flat tire easily at a reasonable cost. So a bicycle doesn't lose its value as far as its frame and wheels are not damaged so much and its transmission works well.

Some people may be looking for a used bike to get the best one. I got several bids when I brought my bicycle under the hammer.

Though it takes time and cost, you can sell your bike at a higher price at Yahoo! Auction than selling to a used bicycle shop.

3 To let it picked up and dispose

Unnecessary bicycle Could you come to pick up for a feeIt is possible to get to take back unwanted bicycle have to pay the money

You can ask the municipality of your address to pick up your bicycle when you don't have a car.

The cost seems to be around US5$ to US10$ per a bike though it depends on the area.

You need to call them and arrange a pick up date in advance. It may be difficult for people who can't take off on the weekday, as most of municipalities open 9:00 - 17:00 on the weekday.

4 To bring in a clean center in your area

You can carry your bike to a clean center (a disposal station) and let them dispose it.

Some municipalities do at free or you may have to pay US7$ to US20$/lbs when required.