The advantages of drop handle.

Advantages of drop handle

Some people may worry about the unique shape of drop handle bike and the tight riding position on it, while they think of having a drop handle bicycle.

I will say that you should use a drop handle bike from the beginning. Even if you purchase a flat handle one, you will surely want to replace it to a drop handle.

Let’s see some advantages of the drop handle.

The narrow width of the drop handles.

The drop handle convenient for commute, too.
You must be careful in order your wide flat handle (of mountain bike etc.) Not to hit something when you go through crowded people, narrow lane and side of the cars.

The width of drop handle is around 16 inches while one of normal flat handle is around 28 inches. You can go through town smoothly with a drop handle narrower than ordinary one without worrying about hitting by the handle.

You may feel uneasy to the narrow handle at first. But you will surely get used to it in 10 minutes. Once you used to it, you can control your bicycle with smaller actions than a flat handle and you will be less tired.

Many ways to grip a drop handle.

There are 3 main ways to grab a drop handle.

1. To grip the lower part

Gripping the lower part of a drop handle

This is the way to hold the lower part (drop part) of the handle.

Many beginners grab this part and are surprised at deep head forward riding posture.

You should hold this part only in special occasions. You can gain speed like a miracle when you take this position to go at speed or to go toward strong head wind.

Your body has 70% of wind when you ride a bike. You will surely feel the efficiencies of drop handle and go at tight head forward riding position.

2. To grip the flat part

Gripping the flat part of a drop handle

This is the way to hold a flat part of the handle.

You can push up your body and ride slowly seeing around.

You must be careful because you can’t control breaks or transmission by holding drop handle in this way.

3. To grip the bracket part

Gripping the bracket part of a drop handle

This is the way to hold bracket part of the handle.

Most of riders grab this part of drop handle bike.

You can enjoy easy posture, good control and natural posture with your palms parallel to each other.

Gripping a drop handle in other way

You can hold any parts of drop handle as it is bonded by soft grip tape.

It is another good way to hold curved part between flat and drop part.

Try many positions and find your favorite ones.

Easy to absorb shocks by your arms.

When you hold the brackets of drop handle, your palms face to each other and your elbow goes upward. You can absorb shocks by up and down of bicycle easier than normal flat handle.

Unique looks of drop handle

You can appeal difference from others in appearance and design by drop handle.

You can bind the handle with bar tape with your favorite design and change looks easily.

You will be more stylish than flat handle bike with thinner fingers appearance from the side view.