The electric bicycle for commuting.

An electric motor assisted bicycle

As you can see from its name, the motor assisted bicycle supplement pedaling power up to 50% of a motor connected to a charged battery. Therefore, you need only half power to go up hills.

An electric motor assisted bicycle can also be used to commuting.

You may say "Only a half power …." if you look at the figure. But you will feel like going on a flat road with the grandee's bike even when you climb up hills. You can go to work on the hilly commuting route even in summer.

I recommend this type bike to people who doesn't need so much speed but go to work with many hills. Here are some points to select a motor assisted bicycle which are a bit different from other bike types.

The battery capacity

You need to charge the battery every 30 - 40 miles (depending on each model's spec.). You should choose one with enough battery capacity for return trip to work at a minimum.

Some motor assisted bike is automatically switched to charge mode when you don't need help, such as going down hills. So you can go further distance if you effectively use this function.

The smaller battery

You should have a charger as small as you can carry in order to charge to the battery in anywhere like your office or house.

One you can ride on easily with the motor assist off.

Most of the motor assisted bicycle is heavier than 50lbs. Choose one you can go as easy as a grandee's bike even when the motor assistance off.

The timing of motor assistance

It is the best timing that the motor assistance starts a bit after you put your feet on the pedals and start. If the assistance starts too early, the bike goes forward by itself at signal and you may feel your blood freeze.

The difference of assistance function.

There is a difference in assist timing of motor-assisted bicycle

Not all the motor assisted bicycle goes up hills as same. Some model designed not to be tired from a distance ride don't help you so much on uphills.

They are good at accelerating on a flat street and cruising at around 15 miles/hr speed.

The motor assisted bikes designed like a sport type are often configured little assistance on hills. Choose one which fit your commuting route.