The folding bicycle for commuting.

The folding bicycle

The advantage of folding bikes is its stylish design and easiness to be folded and stored compact. Some light models are less than15lbs and women are able to carry with one hand. You can enjoy cycling where you drive to.

Some people say "you need to pedal more because the tires are small." But it is a misunderstanding. There are some models you can go at 18 miles/hr.

The easiness to fold

Even you can fold the bike, it has no meaning if you need to take a lot of time. Choose one you can fold quickly and easily.

The compactness to carry with

You can fold the bicycle. But this doesn't always mean that you can carry with you. Some cheap bikes are made from steel and have thicker frames for strength of folding part. They are too heavy for you to carry. Most women feel difficulties to carry even with both hands if the bike in heavier than 33 lbs.

Some folding bike can be carried by using tires like a carry case when being folded. Check not only the weight but also the folding shape.

The tires should be larger than 14 inches

It is dangerous to pass over uneven step between sidewalks to go with two small tires. Choose ones with 14 inches or larger tires at least.

The gears ratio and clank length

You will make a miss choice if you don't understand this point well. Some cheap folding bike sold at home centers too small gears ratio and too short clank. You go just a little however hard you pedal.

The followings are my recommendation.

- The gear ratio: the lightest gear 1.8 to 2.5
the heaviest gear 4.0 to 5.0
- The clank length 6.7 inches