The mountain bike for commuting

Have a mountain bike for comfortable and durability.

A flat tire or other trouble during commute is terrible. You can't make excuses for the delay to your work not like public transportation.

It is important to leave home earlier just in case. But you will feel easy if you select a mountain bike with less troubles and flat tires.

Which parts of bicycle are easily damaged?

You will not have as serious damages as you can't repair because the bicycle doesn't have electrical parts. You can request a shop for repair at a reasonable cost.

The possible troubles during commute are;

- Flat tire
- Transmission failure
- Distortion of wheal
- Break damage

The mountain bike is designed as the most durable in various types of bicycle.

The mountain bike's tires are strong against flat tire.

Tire of mountain bike strong punkTire of mountain bike strong to be flat.
Many colors are prepared for mountain bike tires

Have you seen any video in which a rider goes down a rough mountain path fast by mountain bike? The tires of mountain bike are designed as durable as to endure shocks when going on rocky mountain roads. You don't have to worry that your mountain bike has a flat tire during commute.

A mountain bike tire has thick width and deep treads and absorb shocks from any terrain. Therefore, it is comfortable to ride on.

Also, there are many kinds of mountain bike tires. I recommend you to equip flat tires (without large blocks) as far as you don't have a ride on rough road.

Such tires have color variations and you can also enjoy dress up with a mountain bike.

The suspensions make your ride much more comfortable

Mountain bike double suspensionMountain bike double suspension
Ride is excellent suspension absorbs the shock

Most mountain bikes have a front suspension. This makes your ride very comfortable.

It works well as you have many uneven steps during commute.

You can also find ones with rear suspension too (double suspensions). You should be careful when you choose a mountain bike with double suspensions in US$ price range. The weights of such bikes are heavier with additional suspension. The rear suspension absorbs your pedaling power and you may feel heavier.

Choose a mountain bike with a front suspension only if you choose one in US300$ to US500$ price range.

Special transmission of mountain bikes

Switching machine mountain bike Shimano madeSwitch of SHIMANO senior model "XTR"

The transmissions of mountain bike are designed tougher against shocks than ones of a road bike.

You will feel more rough switch feeling to shift mountain bike's gears than road bike's ones. But, thanks to this, the chain stays even riding on rough road and over a big step.

The mountain bike is designed considering the case its chain gets sandy. You don't have to maintain so much and keep using it for long.