Prepare 30 USD to start "bike to work".

The reason why you should prepare 30 USD to start “bike to work

The more expensive and functional your bike is, the more comfortable your commuting will be. It depends on how much money you prepare to start “bike to work" if you can enjoy and continue “bike to work". Let’s see bike functions be price range.

Specifications by price range

Let's have a look at following table which summarize specifications of bicycle in eash price range.

Price Range Weight (Material) Toughness Comfortableness Characteristics
Less than 100 USD 40 -- 44 lbs.
Strong for shocks. Get rusted easily by the rain. Bad Grandee’s bikes. Heavy with baskets, stand and luggage carrier
100 USD - 33 -- 40 lbs.
Strong for shocks. Get rusted easily by the rain. OK Some of sporty bikes. Feel heavy at the start or up hills.
300 USD - 22 -- 29 lbs.
Strong for shocks. Less rust by the rain. Very comfortable Light and tough. Great for commute.
700 USD - 18 -- 22 lbs.
(Aluminum & Carbon)
Carbon parts are weak Very comfortable As light as like wind. Be careful of being stolen.

You can buy “lightness” which is the basis of conformability from 30 USD

To find a bicycle you can continue cycling with

I recommend you to buy a bicycle in 30 USD price range as far as you want to continue “bike to work”, because it is “light”. You should have a bike made from all aluminum and less than 29lbs. You will feel so comfortable once you experience a ride on this 30 USD class bike.

You will be surprised more by lightness when you ride and feel than by figures. You may have a difficulty to keep balance at the first ride. And you can gain speed very easily once you start pedaling.

It is very easy to stop and restart during commute. You can go at 19 miles/hr and it is fast enough to run together with commuting cars. You will surely feel like go far on the weekends.

You can recover 30 USD within a year.

Preparing for the initial cost may be a problem for you. But it has no meaning if you give up “bike to work” due to a cheap but heavy bike. You will enjoy more advantages in cost and health if you continue “Bike to Work” for long term, even if you purchase 30 USD class bike.

For instance, you can recover US30$ within a year if you switch from car commuting to bike for 3 miles one way.

The important thing is to continue and get conformability and fun to continue. Don’t have a cheap bicycle. (See: A cost comparison with car commuting .)

In case you should give up in spite of an expensive bicycle, you can sell it at a good price as far as it is not damaged so much.