The rapped gear transmission bike.

The rapped gear transmission with a simple look.

People often think that simplicity is stylish. The piste bike (single speed bicycles without transmission) is popular in this aspect.

But you need much power because it has no gears. If you want a stylish bike with shift, a rapped gear transmission type bike is a good choice for you.

The rapped gear transmission's advantage in design

A bicycle with the rapped gear transmission house gears in the rear hub and change the speed by arrangement with them.

You can see the gears of general outer gear transmission bicycle from outside, while the ones of rapped gear transmission are hidden. So it looks very simple and stylish like a piste bike.

Easy maintenance of the rapped gear transmission

You don't have to oil the rear delayer because they don't get rusted in housing. It gets fewer damages when the bicycle falls over by wind in parking space.

You can shift even during stops.

You can normally change the gears only while you are going at a certain speed. But you can do the rapped gear transmission while you stop. You can change to lighter gears and start even after you suddenly stop in the crowded town.

Only 1 disadvantage of rapped gear transmission - less gears

Most of reliable rapped gear transmissions have 8 steps though some actually have 14. You may want lighter gears at steep uphills. This can be said to belt drive bicycles with rapped gears transmission.