Commute speedy on a road bike

Commute speedy on a road bike

More People recently use a road bike for commute. A road bike designed for speed let you lose your stress and experience inordinately speed.

Is a road bike too professional?

Many people will have /image/s that a road bike is difficult to ride with its unique handle and riding position. But many road bikes recently designed for city ride with thicker tires and mild riding position not like a genuine racing type.

You can flexibly adjust saddle setting and ride with easy position.

There are wonderful merits you can enjoy only on a road bike, though it is more expensive (700+ USD) than a cross bike or a mountain bike.

Extremely light weight

commute on a road bike

The weight of road bikes are 18 to 22lbs and much lighter than ones of US300$ to US400$ class bicycle. You will not feel it heavy at all.

You can go uphill very easily with a road bike by its light weight and handle style. A man in his 30s can go at 25 miles/hr on a flat street.

You can carry it and bring into you house even when you don't have a bike parking space.

Unique drop handle of road bike.

commute on a road bike

You will soon find the functionalities of drop handle as soon as you have a ride.

You can grab anywhere on the handle and change your riding position. It makes you less tired.

The palms of human being face to their body during a walk. You can put your hands on the drop handle with such natural direction. This make your riding position far natural than you ride on a T-style handle bike. Some may have difficulty to grab breaks at first. But they will soon get used to it.

You can go through a narrow space easily with narrower handle width of a road bike. (See “Merits of drop handle”

Excellent transmission tuning

A unique drop handle of road bike

You will surely be surprised at the smooth transmission work when you first ride on a road bike and change the gears.

300 to 500 USD class bike has a time rag to change gears after you shift transmission lever. But a road bike doesn't have it, and move to other gears at the same time as you do.

A road bike has finer gear steps. You can shift up comfortably even when riding at high speed.