Stylish and cute bicycle

stylish bike

Do you think having a stylish bike, don't you? You will have a nicer morning with your favorite cool bicycle.

You can find various frame shapes, wheel designs, handle grips, wheel caps and more and enjoy them.

Let's start from bicycle type selection.

type selection

There are many kinds of bicycle such as a mountain bike, a cross bike, a road racer, a folding bike, a mini velo bike, a beach cruiser, …. Which type do you feel the most stylish?

Do you like a mountain bike with thicker tires and tough looks, or a road racer or a mini velo bike with thinner frame and tires? You can choose any types you like by those appearances.

This step is important because you can't change all over style and frame while you can replace the tires and saddles later.

Manufactures' unique designs

Manufactures' unique designs

The designs of bicycle are different from each other by bike manufactures. For example, there is an Italian manufacturer "Bianchi" which has a long history.

The Bianchi's bicycles have a color called "Cheleste" which the misters blend every year imaging the sky in Milan. (See ""Bianchi - a bike manufacture with the longest history in the world.")

This kind of manufacture's formality is cool and not old-fashioned even after decades.

Customizing with cool accessories

saddle softer

You can replace the handle grip, the saddle, the tire wheels, the wheel caps and anything and enjoy customizing reasonably.

You can just put saddle covers like the right-hand picture on your saddle and enjoy fashion. Furthermore, it makes the saddle softer. You can avoid from getting wet by taking off the cover after the rain.

Become a professional by original paint

the original colors or affix stickers

Some riders paint their bicycle with the original colors or affix stickers. You can find many shops where you can order original painting.

How about painting frame unique when you are not satisfied by default design and color? The frame occupies 80% of bike appearance, so painting on it gives much difference and efficiencies for making your bike more stylish.