To prevent your pants from getting dirty

Tips to prevent your pants from getting dirty

You may not aware that you need ankle bands until you first ride on a sport type bicycle.

A sport type bike doesn't have a chain cover to make it lighter. Therefore, the skirt of your pants get dirty with chain oil and it is sometimes dangerous if the skirt gets tangled in the chain.

Protect your pants from dirt or damage with the special ankle bands. I introduce you some ankle straps and some bicycle which you don't have to care about dirt and damage.

The ankle bands

The ankle bands are very useful to avoid dirt. (Some people call them as a "pants clip".)

You tie your bottom by a strip with Velcro tape and avoid them from flapping by wind.

You need just a single tape to your right leg because most of bicycles have chain on right hand side only (as far as your bottoms are not so flippy).

Most of ankle bands are to tie skirts to ankle with Velcro tape. Some have reflector (reflecting material) and are good for safety reflecting car light at night.

I recommend you wider and stretch straps to use with many types of bottom. You may lose it on the way so prepare another spare just in case.

The invisible pants clips

Some people don't like the ankle bands because they make your pants shrunk at the bottom.

I recommend them a pants clip only tie the most bottom part only. You can hide it in the hem.

It is not good for longer pants to keep from the chain because it ties narrower. You can protect your bottoms and it looks good if you can tie to shoes laces.

The chainless bicycles

A belt drive bicycle which doesn't use a chainA belt drive bicycle which doesn't use a chain

You can have a belt drive bicycle which doesn't use a chain if you enjoy riding without care about the skirts.

In addition to an advantage that your bottom doesn't get dirty, the belt drive bike is tougher and need fewer loads to your legs in comparison with the chain drive ones.

Of course, you will have far less possibility that your bottoms gets dirty with oil or stuck with chain. This type bike is good for those who ride a bicycle in long skirt.