The anti-theft goods

The anti-theft goods

Many bicycles are stolen. Such bikes are not locked in most cases. Some break the lock and take away the expensive bicycle.

There may be no problem for US500$ class bicycle to use for commute as far as you lock it.

Lock it always even when you drop in a dairy store and have it registered in case of theft.

The wire lock

The anti-theft goods The wire lock is the most handy item to avoid theft.

There are 2 types of locks to connect wire. One is dial type and the other is separate key type. The dial type takes time to be locked and unlocked while you don't have to worry about losing its key. Choose a separate key type lock for commute because you may frequently drop in stores.

Lock by looping around a fixed item

One important point of anti-theft is to loop the wire lock to your bicycle and a fixed item such as a fence or a post. It is useless as anti-theft to lock your bicycle only because a cross bike is light enough to be taken away without unlocking.

The wire lock should be longer than 60 inches and flexible enough to tie to item around. Choose as thick wire as looks difficult to cut as a thin wire is easily cut off.

Select a proper parking space

parking space
Store your bike somewhere in front and under a light at night. You should carry it in your room if you can't find such parking space or you don't ride for a while.

You can find many interior bike stands which are small enough to store your bike in your room. You may prepare it according to storage space.

It gives you another benefit to avoid damages on parts from rain and to maintain finely in the room in addition to anti-theft purpose.

The burglary and robbery insurance

It is a good idea too have a theft insurance just in case. The insurance rate depends on the purchase price. You will feel easy even if you have it only for the initial year. The new bicycle looks great and is easy to be stolen.