The bottle holder

The bottle holder must have for

The bottle holder
You must take water for bicycle commute in summer. The water in your body run short and suffer heat exhaustion unconsciously even if you don't go thirsty.

Always take some drink with you when you commute more than 6 miles. A bottle holder (a bottle cage) attach to your bicycle is useful for such case.

Pay attention to positon and method for attachment

The bottle holder

Most of bottle holder are designed to attach to the down tube (the frame between the handle and pedals). It is situated between your legs and does make troubles to pedal. You can take the bottle out easily and take water while you are waiting for a green signal.

But make sure that your bicycle has screw holes at the down tube. You can't attach the holder without them.

In such case, you can find a bottle holder to attach below the saddle.

OK to carry a pet bottle

The bottle cage is large enough to hold a 0.13 gallon bottle. But it is not a just size for the bottle and rattling during a ride.

You can purchase a special bottle if you don't like it. The special bottles hold warmth and have variety of designs you can choose from.

Some people feel annoying to replace the drink every time. The bottle will be held by the cage if you put a cover to the bottle.

It is recommended to people who don't like to show the pet bottle as it is together with a stylish bicycle.