The "CATEYE" LED lamp


The "CATEYE" is a famous manufacture in the world not only of bicycle LED lamps but also of general bike parts.

You can use "CATEYE" LED lamp for more than 50 hours even if it uses dry-cell batteries. I recommend you some products from "CATEYE" LED headlights.

"HL-EL920RC" - a bright LED lamp good in complete darkness


You should have a powerful light when you go in complete darkness because you can turn only to the light. Not only the brightness but also the width of light is important.

So I recommend "CATEYE HL-EL920RC", a powerful LED lamp.

It has 2 LEDs and Illuminate wide area. You can go safely on a road without street lamps with this 3,500cd brightness.

"HL-EL620RC" - a well balanced LED lamp


I recommend you "HL-EL620RC" which is good both in function and design if you don't go into complete darkness. The battery can be charged via USB.

The CATEYE's LED lamps are easy to detach. Take it off at work and connect it to your office PC, then you can use fully charged lamp.

It has only 1 LED, but its lens spread the light wider. The brightness of the LED is 2,000cd and bright enough to illume around.

"HL-EL530" - a good cost performance model


I recommend you a high cost performance LED lamp "HL-EL530" if you don't go street without lights. It uses 4 pieces of AA size batteries and last as long as 90 hours.

It is also one of the highest waterproof models among CATEYE LED lamps. You don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain at bike parking. The LED is ultra bright 2,200cd and you can even go on a dark street.

"HL-EL010" - a lamp with color variation and designs


It is illegal to ride without a lamp even if you go only on the road with bright street lights. You must be recognized by others even when you don't need to illume the way.

I recommend you a single LED and long battery life model "HL-EL010 UNO" when you just turn on the lamp. You can select one match to your bike color from many colors.