The fake glasses useful for "Bike to Work"

The fake glasses useful for

You may wonder why the fake glasses is useful if you have not started "Bike to Work". They are very convenient with many usages and advantages.

To protect your eyes from small bugs in summer.

The fake glasses that cut the ultraviolet raysFake glasses will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and Pollen, It is also a fashion item.

When you ride near bushes or farms in summer, you sometimes annoyed by a small insect flying into your eye. You may have dust in your eye when it is windy even in town. It is dangerous.

People who has glasses before are OK, but others should put fake glasses to protect your eyes.

The damage by ultraviolet ray

The ultraviolet light is sometimes very strong recently in accordance with global heating. You eyes are damaged at the unconscious level again and again. Prepare a fake glasses with anti ultraviolet ray.

The fake glasses work against pollen

If you choose the glasses of the form to fit the face, it is possible to protect the eyes from pollenFront has become curved in order to fit a face.

Some anti pollen glasses are stylish, but they are still weird if you go into a shop with them.

The fake glasses are cooler and some fits your face are useful for pollen.

You will surely feel better against pollen dust only with fake glasses.