Must buy a bicycle pump together with your bicycle

Must buy a bicycle pump together with your bicycle

The bicycle tires gradually lose the air while riding for long. It is important to adjust the air pressure of sport type bike's thin tires. Be sure to have a bicycle pump.

Pay attention to the valve type

Difference of valve type

You can't use an inflator for a grandee's bike for most of sport type bicycles. There are basically 2 types of air valve (from which you add air to tires). One is English type and the other is French type. Most of sport type bicycles have French valves. But some mountain bikes have thicker and tough English type ones.

Buy a floor type inflator at first

You can find some compact portable Inflators at shop but don't have them at first. Those are for emergency in case of a flat tire outside.

The floor type inflators which you put on the ground and push down by both arms have difference in usability by its diameter of a cylinder.

The thinner cylinder inflators need less power but long time. On the other hand, the thicker ones need more power but shorter time to fill up with air. But those inflators don't require as much power as an adult woman is not able to use.

You will find that it takes longer time to fill up air to sport type bike's tubes than grandee's bike's ones. Check air pressure on the weekend in order not to inflate in busy morning.