How to select a bike lamp

How to select a bike lamp

A lamp is an essential item to buy at the same time you purchase a bicycle. It is not like car headlights to Illuminate the dark roads. The bike lamp appeals your presence to others.

You will be aware that it is very dangerous if a bicycle come toward you at speed and it is difficult to see without a lamp. You must have a lamp so that people, bikers and drivers around you can recognize you well. The followings are some tips to choose a lamp.

To select one which Illuminate wide area

A compact LED lamp is actually bright if you see it from the front. But some can't be distinguished whether it is on or off when you see from some angle. Don't insist on size and choose one with good visibility. (See: "Recommended LED lamp (CATEYE)")

Lamp for bicycle

Sometimes you can't tell whether the light is on or off when you see a slim lamp from an angle.

A wide type lamp is heavy but Illuminate a dark road well with good visibility.

Choose rechargeable one

You may forget to turn light off at parking when you come back from work. Anyway, a bicycle lamp consumes much electricity. I recommend you to have a rechargeable one.

To take off and avoid the rain

Most of the lamps are water proof. But contact parts may get rusted or battery goes bad if it gets wet in the rain for a long time. Choose one which you can take off easily and put it in your baggage when you park your bicycle.

A tail lamp

A tail lamp

A bicycle is often passed by cars, so have a tail lamp on so that drivers can recognize you well. The head lamp moves with handle, but the tail lamp doesn't so much. The flashing type tail lamp is good in visibility.