the leather shoes for "Bike to Work"

How to select proper leather shoes for

I introduce some tip to choose safe and elegant leather shoes for those who commute by bicycle.

Unexpectedly dangerous when your shoes ship off the pedal.

You must be aware that the sole of leather shoes is slippy when you pedal your bike.

Needless to say when you start, you will easily slip off the pedal and fall over when you stand and pedal with a big power. You may be involved in as serious accident as you are killed if you fall over into the road.

It is a good idea to keep your leather shoes at office and take sneakers during your bike ride. But it is not cool to get on sneaker with a business suit.

I used to wear black fake leather sneakers to bike to work. It looked like leather shoes and I think that they are not so bad. However, I was embarrassed when I became need to join to go a night club suddenly.

The sole of leather shoes should be made from rubber

Such experience made me to decide to bike to work with leather shoes.

The leather shoes with rubber made sole is not slippy from the pedal and safe enough. I purchased a pair of lubber sole leather shoes for the first time to ride a bicycle, and found it is also great for walking.

Leather shoes rubber soleLeather shoes rubber sole

The rubber sole shoes have a disadvantage that its heel is easy to be worn down. I looked for and failed to find a pair of shoes which heel is hard and only toe is rubber made.

So I asked to shoes shop to protect the heels with another though rubber sole. It costs around US20$ and keep the shoes for much longer.

Leather shoes that you reinforce the heel wornLeather shoes that you reinforce the heel worn

You may attach rubber sole only to the front part of usual leather shoes.

The rubber sole is essential for "Bike to Work" anyway.

To choose leather or pedal tough for damages

You can find that the top of your shoes get damaged.

You conscientiously hit the pedal bottom by you shoe top to adjust the pedal to good position to start. The top of your dominant foot gets scratches more and more by hitting jugged metal pedal.

You can get on more tough leather shoes but it makes difficult to pedal. Replace the pedals with ones with rubber grips in such case.

It is good not only to protect your shoe tops but also avoid slips.

Learn the leather maintenance in this occasion.

You can't avoid your shoes from getting damaged when you ride a bicycle with a pair of leather shoes. You will hit the clank by inside of leather shoes when you ride a sport type bike.

You can hide scratches and last your shoes longer by putting shoe cream frequently.

You should maintain your shoes too. This brings another fun to see the shoes shine more with deep taste which new ones don't have.

Makes less tired if the inside of your heels don' slip

It depends on how good your heels fit to leather shoes that whether you get tired much or less after a long bicycle ride.

For anti-slip, This leather shoes have a fabric on the inside of the heel.For anti-slip, This leather shoes have a fabric on the inside of the heel.

If the shoes inner is made from leather, your heel slips in the shoes and can't follow the movement of your feet.

But you can go a distance as pleasant as when you get on sneakers if your leather shoes have grippy material inside like following photo.


It is actually tough to ride a bicycle (enjoy a sport) with a business suit and a pair of leather shoes. But you can do it comfortable enough if you find nicer way or item.

It is the essence of safety to avid slips of leather shoes, so make sure to take some measures against it.