Lubricate the chain and run more smoothly

Lubricate the chain and make your bicycle run more smoothly

The sport type bicycle, such as a cross bike, doesn't have their chain covered. It makes noise or the larger friction drag makes the pedaling heavier, if it gets damaged by the rain or dust, dirty or runs out of grease.

Lubricating is a very important maintenance item to keep your bike run smoothly as a sprt type bike.

Which grease shall I use?

You can use a general chain oil which you can get at a home center. But I recommend you a specific one for a bicycle.

You can find both wet and dry type oil. Try a dry type as you don't have to maintain so often. It is available at around US10$. You can use it for more than 1 year if you grease once a month.

A wet type oil is more runny that a dry type, so it makes the chain more smooth. It is a fun to feel the difference by changing the maintenance item.

The procedure to grease

Remove dust and dirt of the chain at first.

Use a professional cleaner if you want to take off fine sand. It is enough to wipe out carefully by waste cloth.

Then, lubricate the chain turning the pedal around. Don't use too much grease. After you oil full of chain, check the movement by turning around the pedal and change

Don't judge the air pressure by yourself

Some people like to keep the air pressure of tires a bit lower to make a ride on a grandee's bike comfortable. But you shouldn't do so to a sport type bicycle. It causes a flat tire.

Because of thinner and more tight tires, you feel a bit tough to ride. Absorb a shock from the road by your body with suspending your hip a bid. It decrease loads to your bicycle, too.