A pannier bag, stylish than a front basket.

A pannier bag far more stylish than a front basket.

I recommend a pannier bag to those who want to put a bag or luggage in the basket but don't like a front basket like a grandee's bike.

As it is called as a side bag, you can equip it on both sides of the rear wheel and carry much luggage.

You don't have to shoulder a bag in hot summer if you put your items in the pannier bag.

Great stability

The pannier bag keeps you better balance than a front basket when carrying heavy luggage.

You can put as many items as you want up to the size of pannier bag. Be careful not to put only into one side.

You can equip to your sport type bicycle.

You can equip to your sport type bicycle.Put on a large pannier bag, you can carry a large amount of luggage.

You can put a pannier bag to most of the bicycle as far as it can load a carrier to the rear wheel, even if it is a cross bike or a road bike which can't equip a front basket..

Be careful not to lose balance by a side wind because a pannier bag makes your light bike more resistance against wind. You had better to take off the pannier bag and change to a larger shoulder bag when it is windy.

Great as a fashion item too.

A pannier bag gives your bicycle much difference in side view.

If you put a leather pannier bag to a classic Chromoly frame bicycle, it will be more stylish with some vintage taste.

Good to prevent a long skirt from being spooled up.

The pannier bag is useful to avoid your long skirt from touching to the rear tire and getting dirty in addition to its original functions.

You can protect your skirt as well as carry your items even your bike doesn't have a dress guard, if you attach a carrier and a pannier bag.