The bike accessories in rainy day

The bike accessories in rainy day

There is a choice not to ride a bicycle in rainy day as I mentioned in the page "How can I bike to work in the rain?"

I myself don't take a bicycle in the rain and leave my bike at office when I go home in the rain. You need to prepare for rain if you commute in short distance or want to get along only with bicycle without taking train or car.

The rain wear (rain cape)

Bicycle rainwear MontBellBicycle rainwear MontBell.Functionality is distinguished, you can fold to the size of 500ml PET bottle about.

You must have a rain wear (rain cape) at first. You should have one with stretchy and breathability. You can find variety of rain wear. An expensive one cost more than US200$/

A rain wear for cyclist is well designed for comfort. Note following points when you buy one not for cycling.

- One is compact enough to carry in a bag.
- One is not so flappy (it is dangerous if it is windy.).
- One is one size larger (in order you to put it on thick clothings.)

The mud guard

Mud guardMud guard.Lightweight plastic is recommended.It can be installed easily.

You don't need this in the rain because you have a rain wear. You need when it is fine but the road is wet.

Some mud guards are made from metal and can be fixed to a bike. But it is heavy. I recommend you ones made from plastic and light enough.

The bags

Bag cover which plays an active part in the rain.

You can still use messenger bag in the rain. You need a compact and water proof bag cover if you use a business bag.

You can put in and take out of items in the bag with most of bag covers. I recommend you to have another water resistance cover for a PC, when you carry it in the bag.

The saddle cover

Saddle cover.This is a good idea to have one because of rain prevented the parking annulus.

You can use a plastic bag from supermarket. But it is very handy to attach a cover beneath the saddle and use in the rain.

Sometimes the saddle gets wet by the rain inside if you park your bicycle at home or office. You can avoid it by a saddle cover.

The cap

A rain wear can't cover your face. The most important thing is to secure visibility. If you put on glasses, you have difficulty to see around by waterdrop. You can prevent it by a flanged cap.

The waterproofing spray

There are no meaning if the rain goods lose waterproof effect. The effect goes lower as you use long. So use a waterproofing spray and recover effect regularly.