The business suits for bikers

The business suits for bikers

Many business men ride on a bicycle in business suites. It looks cool in city landscape with a sporty bicycle and business suits.

If you get slimmer by "Bike to Work" which is good for loosing your weight, you can see smarter yourself reflecting on show window. (See "The effectiveness of "Bike to Work" to loose weight")

Here I present you some tips to ride on bike in business suits more pleasantly.

To select a business suits specially designed for comfort

Once you put on a business suit which is designed for riding a bicycle, you will be amazed by its computability. Some oh them are made from polyester and very stretchy and breathable.

Some of such suits also have antislip part on pants or a sleeve pocket to put cards in. (See "A bicycle suits by AOKI")

This suits is highly breathable and so stretchy

Give up pants as a consumable.

You will be aware that your suits are damaged in shorter period than ever when you keep "Bike to Work". The hip part will be shiny and the bottoms are torn. You may have to pay extra money even though you started "Bike to Work" to save commuting cost.

You have a choice to bike to work in casual clothing and change to a business sites at office. But it takes time. It is a hard work to carry a business suits in a bag.

I recommend you to purchase more than 2 pants per a jacket when you buy a business suite. The pants will be mainly damaged. If you have several reasonable pants, you can change it even when you sweat in summer.