Items against sweat in summer

Items against sweat in summer

Sweating is a big problem to commute by bicycle in summer. But the summer is actually the best season to lose your weight.

You must feel great to ride through the town feeling summer wind and night scene. I introduce some goods for you to enjoy riding coping with heat in summer.

The quick-drying underwear and preparation of spare

The quick-drying underwear

Put on a fast-drying material T shirt in the dress shirt. A cotton underwear doesn't help sweat dry well and you must feel unpleasant after getting off the bike. Some T shirts have measures against axillary hyperhidrosis.

Prepare another shirt and change after you get to your office.

You should have several shirts in order you to change as soon as you sweat or to wash in turn. You may make good purchases on the Internet.

The anti-perspiration spray and deodorant sheet

The anti-perspiration spray

Carry a an-hidrotics spray and deodorant sheets with you. You will feel better if you wipe off the sweat and change the underwear when you get to the office.

Don't select too strong odor spray. You may feel that your sweat is getting smell less after you sweat and drain wastes from your body.

The desktop fan to cool down

The desktop fan

You may not stop sweating at the office because the air conditioner is set at higher temperature.

A desktop fan (a air blower) is very good in such case. The smaller blades one is more silent and you don't annoy other people.

You can stop sweating very soon if you use a fan and cool the back of your neck with wet towel.

The fake glasses unexpectedly useful

You may have a problem that a small bug come into your eyes in summer. It is dangerous when you go at speed. Take fake glasses for "Bike to Work" even if you have good sight.