The cold weather gears for bike commute in winter

The cold weather gears for bike commute in winter

You may lose your motivation to continue "Bike to Work" in cold winter. But you will get warmed up once you start riding and you don't actually feel so chilly as far as you prepare for the cold weather as I explain here. I introduce some winter clothes and items to enjoy bike commute in winter 3 times more.

The important thing is "adjustable" winter clothes

You may think that the "Bike to Work" in winter is a fight against the cold weather. But you actually get warm after 10 minutes pedaling and you feel hot in the clothing when you left home.

It is one of well balanced idea that you put a wind breaker on a fleece jacket and take it off when you feel hot.

You have to put clothes in your bag when you take off them for adjustment. So select a compact one when you purchase a wind breaker.

The gloves (the priority item against winter cold)

You will get warm as you pedal longer even in winter. But your hands stay as chilly as you feel sore however warm your body gets. It is not too much to say that the gloves are more important than other outers.

Choose one breaks wind. I recommend you some which cover top of your hands better.

Another point is select one covers your wrists. The chilly air coming from a space at your wrist into your jacket makes your body colder than you expect.

The gloves in the righthand side picture is one of Montbell, climbing and trecking items provider. It has a film between the fleece material. So it breaks wind well not like its appearance.

It looks steady and you can use it with a formal clothing without problems. Some people put on a sky gloves but let's try a style meets commuting while you keep warm.

The ear muffs (the 2nd item against winter cold)

Some people may be reluctant to put ear muffs even as cold weather gear in winter. But it is as important item as the gloves are for "Bike to Work" in winter. However hard you pedal, your ears never get warm and you may have a headache.

Some ear muffs are slim and attachable from back of your head. They are not cute like ones put on your head like a headphone and keep low profile as you can use in business scene.

I recommend a slim one like the righthand side photo. The ear muffs by sports brands are designed with care of incoming front wind. You don't feel sore ever putting them longer and use them for commuting with their simple appearance.

You can take them off and hung on your arm when you feel hot. You can put on and off while you are riding a bicycle.

Some people put on a knit hat to cover their ears. But you may feel itchy when you get warmer. And you can't keep your hair style if you put a knit hat on to work.

The scarf

You will feel warmer by keeping your neck warm. But your body gets warm soon after your start riding. You may not need it as far as you don't have a cold constitution.

It is dangerous if a scarf is blown by wind or gets hung up somewhere. So I recommend you a neck warmer like scarf if you want to have.

The bike coat

Most of people commuting in business suit put on a formal coat such as a trench coat or a pea coat. But you will feel tight around your shoulder if you ride on a sport type bicycle with it.

A bicycle coat is great for such occasion. It is made from stretchable material and you can take droopy posture on a sport type bicycle.

The leg warmer you will surely love

You feel your legs chilly even if you are in perfect cold weather items. You may lose your legs' feeling by winter wind comes in from the bottom skirt.

The leg warmers are great in such situation. The support tights type one is slim enough and you can keep putting it on under a suit during a day. It helps you body works and reduce the fatigue by long bike commute efficiently.

You also feel chilly in the office where the air conditioner is set at lower temperature for energy saving. You can have benefit of leg warmer then too.

The summary of cold weather gears in winter

You feel tight and get hot if you put on too thicker coat or down jacket. The points for "Bike to Work" in winter are to cover followings mainly;

1. Hands
2. Ears
3. Neck
4. Legs

And it gets dark earlier even at 5 p.m. In winter.

You must have a lamp to appeal you to car drivers because the risk of car accident increases in dusk. (See "How to choose a bicycle lamp".)