If someone think that I am poor.

I'm afraid if someone think that I am poor.

Some people seem to worry when they quit train or car commute and start “bike to work", that other people say;
“He must have trouble with money."
“She must have sold out her car."

Here are some tips to start “bike to work" without being rumored such things.

Do not use your old grandee’s bike.

The granny’s bike doesn’t look cool. They think that you are a type of person without sense. You have no choice to be said that you started “bike to work" because you “had to" do it, if you start it with your granny’s bike.

If you don't want to be said so, you should use a sporty bike or a mini velo bike so that you can appeal your “taste". You can find a bicycle which looks like a sporty bike at reasonable price as a grandee's bike,

Appeal you sense by a small accessory

Once you start "bike to work", you will surely want some necessary or convenient accessories.

Some items, like a bottom strap, gloves, a lamp or a speed meter (cycle computer) surely make you look professional.

Nobody commute by bicycle only for saving has a cycle computer to meter speed or distance. People surely think that you are enjoying "bike to work".

Say positive words

When you "bike to work", other people will often say;
“It is chilly, isn’t it?”
“Don’t you sweat?”
“Oh, you are powerful enough …”

They give you respectful (and pity) words.
I don’t say; “Yeah, it’s tough …,” Other people also feel sorry about you, if I respond like it. In such case, do not say,
“Yeah, it’s tough …,”

Such words make other people feel sorry about you.

You should speak frankly and positively though you don’t have to be so impressive.

"Yes! It is tough actually. But I succeeded in losing 11 lbs. In 3 months. It is a fun. I can drop in a cafe on the way."

If you told them like this and succeed in appealing positive meanings, they will be aware that you are enjoying “bike to work” and it has another meaning than saving money.
You don’t have to say impressive words. You should speak frankly and positively.

Time has changed.

Today some people invest considerable money on a hybrid car, an electric car or a solar power generation system for environmental protection. A boom of sport utility vehicle has gone. Everybody looks coldly at a car with big muffler. Many people are getting to have a positive image to “bike to work”.

You don’t actually have to worry about being rumored by your start of “bike to work”.

Be confident. You are doing right thing.

I introduced some “tips” to somebody being conscious with rumors. But the “bike to work” is nothing but “a good action”.

You have discharging exhaust gas and consume limited resource by taking a car or a train. You have changed your lifestyle not to damage the earth. How great you are. Let’s enjoy “bike to work” without worrying about rumors and get other people participate.

You are great enough to start “bike to work”. You are able to take care not only of yourself but also of the earth.