Actions to avoid an accident

Actions to avoid an accident

You will have a serious damage if you hit a car. Follow the traffic rules and take some measures to prevent an accident.

Action No.1: Make sure to turn lamps on

The bicycle accidents happen more at night. The causes of accident are mostly that the car driver couldn't recognize the bicycle. Therefore, you can avoid an accident by getting your bike more visible at night.

Turn both a front and rear lamp on at night. (See: "Find a good lamp"

Action No.2: Put on lighter color clothes

You often run in parallel with a car on the street because a sport type bike get speed. The car driver can't recognize you even if you turn both front and rear lamp on.

The business man often get on a dark color suit. So take off you jacket or put on a light color wind breaker when you ride on a bike.

Action No.3: Don't pass by a passenger

You can't read the passenger's moves on the sidewalk. They may suddenly dash out to the road. Try to pass away from the passengers when you find them. Make sure to pay attentions on the sidewalk as you may damage a passenger seriously.< /p>

Action No.4: Don't think that a car driver always find you

You will have more view on a bicycle than a car. You can recognize a car appears from a side way, but the driver can't in many cases.

The most efficient measure to avoid an accident is not to expect the driver find you too.

Even when you think to have the priority and pass in front of a car, it doesn't stop and wait. Pay full attentions.