Actions to avoid a car accident

Actions to avoid a car accident

Here I explain some points of notice to avoid a car accident in advance. The accident insurance doesn't always determine less liability to the bicycle. Let's confirm those points in addition to having an insurance.

Don't go into the blind angle of car.

The range is not visible from the driver.

The cars in a traffic jam often go slowly in parallel to a bicycle. Don't go into the blind angle (diagonally behind) of a car.

The risk of accident increases when the car suddenly come close to you or turn right without recognition of you. Avoid going diagonally behind of a car as much as possible. Pay attentions to car's movement when you go side of it.

The insurance company determines the liability of parties whether the car or the bike passed the other at first.

Pay attentions when you pass in front of car comes from a side way

The accident by car and bicycle.

A car driver coming from a side lane watches other cars more than a bicycle. They may not look at you even if they confirm their right and left hand side.

If a cross bike or a road bike goes at 19 miles/hr speed, sometimes a driver misread how quickly the bike comes close to them. And it leads to an accident.

Always speed down when a car comes from a side way and pass in front of it after well confirmed that the driver recognizes you.

If you had an accident in this case, you have to have more liability because you didn't pay attention to a car you had seen before.

Stop at a signal with allowance

It is very dangerous to cross a street in hurry when the signal is turning to red light.

Cars often rush into the intersection at that time. They don't pay attention to a bicycle at al.

Both the car and bicycle is going at speed. The damage will be serious in case of an accident.

There are many cases and causes of accident, so I can't tell you in general. But if you rush into a yellow signal, it means that you are in breach of rule. You are not always stronger than a car driver.

Always think that you are not recognized by drivers.

A bicycle go faster than a passenger and slower than a motorcycle. And it runs both on a sidewalk and a road without sound. A car driver has many difficulties to recognize a bicycle. It is important to understand this to avoid an accident.

The crackdowns are held more than ever in accordance with recent increase of accidents. In the situation that the amount of liability increase more and more, a bicycle rider are not always superior to a car driver.

Discard the understanding that a bicycle has priority against a car, and keep traffic rules.