Tips you can continue "Bike to Work"

I'm not confident enough to continue bike to work.

You may worry whether you can continue “bike to work". Everybody starts with a certain purpose (to save commuting expense, to lose weight). If you have a tough ride, you may give up at an early stage.

It is important when you start it.

Chose a good season to start “bike to work". This is a key to continue.

  • The end of March to May
  • The end of September to November

Those timings are great to start "bike to work". It’s cool and pleasant. I guarantee. That you will feel it so attractive. As far as you start these seasons and enjoy yourself, you can still continue "bike to work" even in hot summer or cold winter.

Enjoy the achievement to lose your weight.

You will be aware of your body changed after 2 months if you continue "bike to work" for 3 miles distance.

You don’t have to pay 70 to 100 USD to a fitness gym. You will be surprised at your body got slim only by dairy bike commute.
(See:The “bike to work" is a perfect fitness.

Enjoy saving money

If your company pay for your commuting expense, you may not have benefit. However, you can save at least 30 USD per a month if you commute by bicycle insted of car for 3 miles one way.
(For a detailed calculation: A cost comparison with car commuting)

If you now commute by train, you’ll get more saving. You can save as much money as you spent in getting a new bike after a half year or a year.

Enjoy scenery

Enjoy scenery

Not like train or car commute, you can enjoy the scenery and feel pleasant wind during biking.

You will find the difference of temperature you feel going through buildings of the city, crossing a bridge and running a path with woods.

This is the best part of “Bike to Work” to enjoy changing scenery. You will enjoy more with a camera in your bag.