Cost to start "bike to work"

How much does it cost to start “bike to work

The cost to start “bile to work" depends on which bicycle you want to have and how many accessories you want to equip. If you want to save as much as possible, 100 USD is enough.

The important thing is the running cost than the initial cost

The biggest advantage of “bike to work" is that you don’t have to pay for much running cost once you buy your bicycle.
You don’t have to pay commuting costs (gas, train pass etc.), so you will be able to recover the cost you paid for your bike within a couple of months.
(See: A cost comparison with car commuting).

Initial cost

I recommend you to have a comfortable bike rather than a reasonable but heavy one. You may have difficulties to continue.

Course Bike Price Descriptions
Cost Minimum 100
Start with a cheap bicycle and a lamp. Choose a sporty one, not a grandee's bike. You can commute for less than 6 miles with this price range bike.
Reasonable 300
Start with a cross bike (around 200 USD) and other equipments (such as a lamp and a wire lock). You can find a pretty light weight (30 to 33 lbs.) bicycle.
Recommended 500
Start with a professional cross bike (around 400 USD, all aluminum flames) plus a lamp and a wire lock. You must feel amazingly comfortable, if you go more than 6 miles distance and some up hills.
Professional 1,000
Start with a cross bike (or a road racer) plus some accessories (a lamp, a wire lock). You’ll have a pretty light weight (less than 22 lbs.) bicycles. You can switch the gear very easily of this price range bicycle.

Running cost

You have to pay for maintenance fees after your purchase of a bike. But it will be less than 20 USD per a month. You don't need to exchange the tubes or to repair a flat tire so often.