The concerns about physical fitness.

You don’t need so much powers when you ride on a sporty bike.

When talking about a bicycle, many people imagine a grandee's bike they had in their school days.

I explain the difference between a grandee's bike and a sporty bike (mainly a cross bike). The sporty bike is perfect to “bike to work".

A sporty bike is so light.

a cross bike, the typical sporty bike.

The recent sporty bike (e.g. a cross bike in 400 USD price range) are around 22 lbs., while a grandee's bike is around 40 to 42 lbs.

It's weight is so light. So you may lose balance when you ride on it for the first time. You may say, "I don't carry my bicycle. So the weight has nothing to do with riding". But it is a great factor even for a horizontal movement. actually.

You will have an incredibly easy start. You can speed up faster and faster on flat road. You can also climb up hills very easily.

A sport type bike has many speeds

You can often find a grandee's bike with 3 speeds and feel very heavy at the start. You try to shift up after gaining certain speed, but the 2nd speed gear is too heavy to pedal. But the 1st speed gear is too light.

Try a sporty bike with 27 speeds. You can change speed to the gear combination as you feel best. It makes you less tired.

Furthermore, you can clime hills so easily with lighter gear combination. You may climb up hill easier than walking.

More relaxed riding position of a sporty bike

The difference of riding position between a sporty bike and a grandee's bike

You must hold up your weight only by your hip when riding a grandee's bike. You can’t move your weight efficiently. Only your legs have load, and they get thicker and thicker as you pedal.

On the other hand, the sporty bike distributes your weight to 3 points, your legs, hip and arms. The load to each point is small and you can shift your weight as you like at the start.

You may feel tired of your hand or neck if you are not used to the riding style of sporty bike. But you’ll forget about it after 1 week.

Somebody may worry that your tights get thicker. But the sporty bike ride makes them more slim because of light load and aerobic physical activity during a ride.
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