Online shop or a real shop?

 Shall I purchase a bicycle at online shop or a real shop? Recommended purchasing.

You may debate whether you buy a bicycle at a nearby shop or at an online shop.

Either has advantages and disadvantages.
Let's see the differences.

Purchase fromPriceProduct
line ups
Online shopReasonableRichDo it by yourself. Bring it to a nearby shop.
Real shopExpensiveOnly items displayed at the shopSome shops offer maintenance at free of charge for a certain period after purchase.

Purchase at a shop if you know shop staff well.

In the case that you have a friend at a bike shop or you really trust it's staff., there may be some advantages to buy from them in spite of extra payment.

However, recently, some shops welcome to give a maintenance to the bike bought from other. So, you will not find many advantages offered especially to their own customers.

Buy at a online shop if you want to find the best bike

This is the best way to have a bike which meets your needs, as the product line ups are almost unlimited. You can find a rare model. If you want a unique bike, this is recommended way to purchase.

The online shops often offer more reasonable price than the real shops do. You can get an older model at reasonable price.

How to maintain your bike when you buy from a web shop

You don’t have to know about a bike in depth if you want it have a minimum care (such as filling up air in tires, machine oil to the chain).

When you need help, bring to a nearby shop and ask for a quote. They will soon give you the price. It will cost within 100 USD in most cases.

A point of attention when you buy via web shop

I recommend you to have a look at actual item at the shop before your purchase via the web, in order not to have bike doesn’t fit for your body size.

The best way to get your bike – web shop

I can tell you that you have little risk to buy from the web, as you can bring your bike to a nearby shop for repair or maintenance.

The web shopping is the best way to get your bike with a reasonable price and a plenty of line ups.