How can I bike to work in the rain?

How can I bike to work in the rain?

You will probably worry about the rain when you start "bike to work".

You may want to ride your bicycle to the office even in the rain. But it actually discourages you if you get wet during the commute and have to work then.

One of recommended options, giving up "bike to work" on rainy days.

Because of poor visibility on rainy day, you are not be recognized well by the cars around. It will be a risky ride. The metallic bike parts may be rusted and damaged earlier, too.

bike to work in a rainy day

Furthermore, you have to spend considerable money to buy and equip many rain gears.

If you think of time, cost and safety, it may be a good option to take train or car on rainy days.

You may become reluctant to continue "bike to work" by unpleasant riding in the rain. Take it easy in such day. Maintain your bicycle and look forward to riding on the next fine day.

Equip rain gears for "bike to work" in drizzle.

An umbrella holder for bicycle works great on rainy day. An umbrella holder is handy in light rain. It works great not only on rainy day but also on fine day to fix sunshade to your bike.
If you have well prepare against the rain, you can "bike to work" in a business suite. (See: Measures against the rain

When it doesn't rain so much, an umbrella holder works great to fix the umbrella to your bicycle.

If you have the holder and a saddle cover, you don't have to change rain wears when you ride on and off the bike. This works with a sunshade, too. It is great for ladies, isn't it?

Pay attention to following items when you ride in the rain.

  • The glasses make your visibility worse
  • Slippy on manhole covers, lines and street gutter covers
  • Get dirty without mud guards