The most important air pressure adjustment

The most important air pressure adjustment

The maintenance you have to do most frequently to a sport type bike is to add air to and adjust the air pressure of tires.

Choose an bicycle pump which shows the air pressure clearly

The proper air pressure amount depends on the model and the tires of your bicycle, so check it. It's handy to have an bicycle pump which has the air pressure gauge at easy-to-see position.

The air pressure moves a lot depending the air departure.

The air pressure of tires gets lower in cold winter because the air volume comes down by the outer temperature. You may have a risk of flat tire when you pass over an uneven step, if you ride on your bike without knowing it.

Form a habit to touch and check the tires by your hand always.

Don't judge the air pressure by yourself

Some people like to keep the air pressure of tires a bit lower to make a ride on a grandee's bike comfortable. But you shouldn't do so to a sport type bicycle. It causes a flat tire.

Because of thinner and more tight tires, you feel a bit tough to ride. Absorb a shock from the road by your body with suspending your hip a bid. It decrease loads to your bicycle, too.