The woman's bags for the bike commute

The woman's bags for the bike commute

Because the types of bag you can use are limited by your job, its selection may annoy you as much as the clothes do.

You can put your bag in the basket when your bicycle has it. But most of sport type bikes don't equip it. Because a hand bag slips down from your shoulder easily, you can't concentrate in riding. It is very dangerous.

A shoulder bag is a ideal choice

A shoulder bag is a ideal choiceA shoulder bag is a ideal choice

As I mentioned in "The bags for bike to work", a shoulder bag is ideal to ride a bike with.

You don't have to buy a large one like the messengers use. You should have one you can put in A4 size documents and attach a shoulder belt.

In case that you must have a hand bag

When you need a compact bag at your office or you can't attach a shoulder belt to your bag, I recommend you to purchase a bit larger shoulder bag and put your hand bag in it.

You can avoid your bag from getting wet in a sudden rain and put in another shirt. It is very important for safety to keep your hands free and to prevent your bag from dropping.

In case that you want to carry a hand bag only

Attach a basket

Attach a basket or a carrier to your bicycle when you want to carry a compact hand bag only.

Pay attentions to your bag not to be stolen when you carry your bag behind of the saddle.

Don't put too heavy luggage in the basket when you equip it in front. It makes steering difficult.

I recommend you a stylish Pannier bag (a side bag) when you don't like the design of front basket .