A belt-drive bicycle for commuting.

A belt-drive bicycle for commuting.

If you ride on a belt-drive bicycle, you will be less annoyed by getting dirty or ragged even in a long skirt.

Is a belt-drive bike useful enough for commuting though it has a bit different characters?

The characters of a belt-drive bicycle

Here are some distinctions of a belt-drive bicycle?

  • Doesn't make your pants or skirt dirty.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Doesn't get rusted in the rain.
  • Quiet
  • Less and softer shocks to your kegs.
  • Less steps of transmission gears (about 8 steps).
  • More expensive than a chain-drive bicycle.
  • Not designed for a sporty ride.
  • Heavier than a chain-drive bicycle.
  • Less line ups you can choose from.

Not good at climbing a steep hill?

The belt-drive bicycle doesn't have as many gears as a chain-drive one has, because it's belt is wide.

Even a sport type belt-drive bike has 8 steps transmission at maximum. So you must need a couple more lighter gears when you go on a steep uphill.

You mut be careful because you may get more muscular tights if you commute over hills.

It is not good for commute more than 9 miles.

Trec belt-drive bicycle 「District」Trec belt-drive bicycle 「District」

It is once said that a belt-drive bike doesn't transfer the pedaling power directly when compared to a chain-drive one.

But it's belt material and tension adjustment get improved. It transfers power as efficiently as a chain-drive bike does. Furthermore, the belt loses less tension by abrasion than a chain-drive one does. So you can maintain its stable function for longer period.

You can commute by a belt-drive bicycle if you go on flat roads up to 6 - 9 miles.

Unique advantages to a belt-drive bicycle

You can enjoy a quiet and smooth ride with a belt-drive bike because less shocks to your legs are soft to your back and knees.

The belt itself doesn't get rusted in the rain, so you don't need to add more oil to or replace its chain.

Recommended belt-drive bicycles

Bridgestorne "Ordina S8cb"

This bicycle deploys a carbon belt and transfers as efficient power as a chain does.

The inner transmission in the rear hub is 8 steps by shimano. It is one of the most sporty model in belt-drive bikes.

It looks simple and more stylish then a cross bike does. All body is made from aluminum and you don't worry about rust in the rain.

PEUGEOT's small wheel bike "20 8SPEED BELT (CS42)"

It equips 8 steps inner transmission in spite of its small body. It has far more high specifications than you imagine by its stylish looks.

It has 20 inches tires and you can go over uneven steps in the town without so much cares.

You will have a fun to replace tires and handle in order they match to its colorful body. You can love and use for long.