The clothes for women to bicycle commuting.

The clothes for women to bike to work.

Many women are stumped about what clothes should they put on when riding on a bicycle. You may have a risk that your underwear is seen by others no matter which you get on a skirt or a low rise pants.

It may cause an accident to ride on a bicycle while taking care of clothes. Prepare so that you don't have to pay attentions to them.

I introduce some tips to solve your distresses about clothes.

You can find out what to get on according to your work environment.

Do you work in a uniform or a business suit or your own clothes?

Here I summarized what you should prepare depending your work environment.

Work environmentRecommended clothes
No regulations about working clothesEnjoy whatever clothes you like mainly with a pair of pants (You can enjoy riding on a bicycle if you can change from and to a professional bike wear for commuting in the dressing room.)
A change room is available at your office.The best idea is to bike to work in a proper clothes and change to a working wear at your office.
A change room is not available at your office.Get on a pants suit mainly. You can't expect your suits to last long.

Therefore, the best solution is to change clothes at your office no matter whether your working wear is a uniform or a suit when you can use a dressing room. Otherwise, you need to put on clothes good for cycling as much as possible.

What is good clothes for cycling?

What is good clothes for cycling?You can find some cycle wears you can put on for daily use. A cycle wear by Y's Road

Many fashion brands recently have cycle gears for women.

Such jackets or shirts have a difference from usual clothes in the longer back length to avoid your back from appearing when you take a dropping position.

And those shape is more tight in order to reduce wind resistance. Some professional ones have a fastener to adjust the air flow or some handy pockets at sleeve or back.

You can choose and create original and comfortable commute style which have cycle wear's advantages even if you don't have professional ones.

Prepare a outer in order to put on or off anytime.

Prepare a outer in order to put on or off anytimePut a shirt around your lower back and feel easy even in a low rise pants.

It is difficult to get on a jacket or a shirt in hot summer. I recommend you to put on a thin long sleeve shirt around your lower back, if you don't want your back exposed.

It works as a fashion item and avoid your short and light skirt from being blown up.

You can find good design used shirt just for the purpose. You can get on and cover your back in a bit chilly weather if you have a bid larger and longer length one.

Use a bag when your clothes don't work.

You can use a shoulder bag or a day bag to cover your back in a low rise pants, though it depends on the bag shope.

Some people prepare a larger shoulder bag or day bag to put a business bag in if they need to use it. This is also good idea as you can put a outer shirt in it.

The best idea is to change clothes at the change room even it takes time.

You had better change when you have to work in a business suit and you can use a dress room at your office.