Good shoes for women to ride a bicycle.

Tips for women to find good shoes to ride a bicycle

The ladies shoes have many varieties such as high-heeled shoes, pump, boots, sneakers, sandals ...

There are some points to choose a pair of shoes when you ride on a bike in safety. It has no meaning that you get injured to be stylish on the bicycle.

Here I tell you some tips to find the best shoes and techniques to pedal.

The pointy-heeled shoes are dangerous.

The bicycle pedals have gaps and your pointy shoes heel may stick in. You may not pick it up and fall down to the ground in the worst case. Be careful not to be seriously injured by tripping over while going at speed.

A pair of shoes in which your ankles can move freely.

The movement of your ankles is important to pedal. You can't use your ankles in a hard boots or in a high-heeled shoes.

You will get only your thighs if you pedal without using your ankle. And you will get tired too much if you go a distance in the shoes which you can't move your ankles.

A pair of sneakers is the best choice

Needless to say, a pair of sneakers is the most proper to ride on a bike. Especially a pair of sneakers with a bit narrow width and harder soles transfer your power and make you less tired.