Bicycle which your can ride on i a skirt.


One of big hurdles for the women to bike to work is that they have a difficulty to ride on a bicycle in a skirt.

Some high school students daringly pedal their bicycle in a short school uniform skirt. But it is difficult for a business lady to do it in a tight formal skirt, isn't it?

Here I am going to introduce some tips which the women are able to find a bike to ride in a skirt. Of cause, you can enjoy riding in a skirt on a ordinary bicycle.

Chose a bicycle with a lower top tube.

You can't stride your bicycle in a skirt, so a professional sport bike is not good. I recommend one which top tube (a frame between the handle and the saddle) is at lower position than others. You will not hitch your skirt to your bicycle.

You will not hitch your skirt to your bicycle

You can find a lot of stylish bike which you can ride on in a skirt. They are much lighter than a grandee's bike.

The mini velo bike is recommended to ride in a skirt.

I recommend a stylish and light mini velo bike to women. It's overall frames are designed at lower positions including the top tube. You will not dupe your skirt so often and are able to step over easily.

stylish and light mini velo bike to women

Especially, a mixte frame bicycle has unique appearance and feminine thin frames. It is good for the ladies. (See: "A mixte bicycle popular among women.")

Be noted that many reasonable mini velo bikes have less gears (6 - 8 steps) and are not good to climb a steep hill or to run at high speed.

You should have no problem and feel more comfortable than a grandee's bike if you go by a mini velo bike on flat streets within 6 miles one way. Some of them at US500$ price range have as good performances as a cross bike has.

Protect your long skirt by a chain cover.

chain cover

You must be careful when you ride on a bicycle in a skirt, because there is a risk that the hem of your skirt touches to the chain and gets dirty.

A woman commuting by a sport type mini velo bike says that she doesn't pay attentions to her skirt after she attached a cover to the originally naked chain.

Find one which is long enough to rear chain. You can attach it easily with some screws. But you should make sure that the positions of screw meet your bicycle. You can visit and ask to a bicycle shop. Many online bike shops help you to find good ones if you tell your bike model to them.

A dress guard to protect your long skirt.

A dress guard to protect your long skirt.

When you ride on a bicycle with mud guards, your long skirt may be spooled up into the rear wheel. So attach a cover, so called as a dress guard, to avoid it.

You can enjoy it as a decoration as there are many stylish ones.

You can't equip it to a sport bike which doesn't have mud guards. Your skirt will not be tangled if your bicycle doesn't have any mud guards. But there still in a risk that you dupe to an air valve.

It is another and efficient idea to attach a side bag, so called as a Pannier bag, when you can't have a dress guard.

(See: "The Pannier bag which is more stylish than a front basket.")

The belt-drive bicycle will not get your long skirt dirty.

The belt-drive bicycleThe belt-drive bicycle

You can find a bicycle, so called as a belt-drive bicycle, which doesn't have a chain. This reduces the risks which your skirt touches a chain and gets dirty or tangled.

But most of the belt-drive bicycles have less gears. There are ones without a transmission. You may feel disappointed when you want to have a sporty ride.

(See: "The belt-drive bicycle which is safe in a long skirt.")

Take some measures to prevent your skirt blown.

Take some measures

There is a risk that your light and soft skirt is blown by the wind on any type of bicycle.

You had better to put your skirt between your legs by winding a shirt to your waist.

If you set the saddle at low position, your knees go upper and your skirt gets blown more. You can avoid it by setting the saddle at a little higher position so that you can take a dropping riding position.

It is dangerous to pay too much attention to your skirt. It is important to prepare in order you not to worry about it.