Protecting your skin from sunburn

Protecting your skin from sunburn

The stronger the ultra violet rays, the more your skin is damaged. Most women worry about it. Let's take enough measures in advance.

Protect as much as possible by cloths

A 100% double gauze made stole. Protects from sunburn and makes you feel cool.

Don't expose your skin by wearing a pants and a long sleave shirt, though you shouldn't do in hot summer.

You can find many jackets and shirts which pass little ultra violet rays and are made from fast-dry materials.

You will get sunburned especially at you neck. Protect it by a stole. A cool fabric stole is available in summer.

The sun screens

Foundation of high sun protection effectFoundation of high sun protection effect

There is a risk that you get the ultra violet light through the clothes. Put some sunscreens on your shoulder and arms.

Use one which you can use as base makeup and put foundation with high SPF and PA value on.

You can find higher SPF and PA and more protective foundations among the cake types than the liquid types.

Some people say that the sunscreens are not good for your skin so you should have SPF 20 level one for daily use. However the SPF and PA is the effect value when you follow and wear the amount on the product instruction. You will be surprised if you put on described amount. You will not use such amount of sunscreen in most cases.

It is safe to have higher value one if you expect SPF20 level blocking while you don't use as much amount as instructed.

The adjustment of commute time is important against the suntan.

You have the ultra violet light the most in summer. You also get 50% of the ultra violet rays during 10:00 to 14:00.

In other words, you will not have less ultra violet rays in the morning and evening. You don't have to worry about it after sunset. It is one of effective measures against suntan to leave home earlier than usual.

It is possible to prevent sunburn by commute avoid 9:00 to 15:00

This graph shows the amount of ultra violet light by time in June. You can see that you can avoid as much UV as possible if you don't go out during 9:00 to 15:00. It shows that the UV amount is smallest in 15:00, but it is because it was cloudy. You will have more in August but the time base amount is just same as the graph.

Protection of your eyes

People often forget to protect their eyes from the ultra violet rays. I recommend you to have a fake glasses if you don't like a sun glasses. Choose one which block the UV effectively.