Tips of ride on a bike in a tight skirt

Tips and techniques to ride on a bike in a tight skirt

Many women work in a tight skirt even if they put on a uniform or a business suit. But you can say that this tight skirt is the most unfitted item to ride on a bicycle.

Sometimes the hem of your skirt gets tumbled for the bike frame or the skirt itself rides up while you are pedaling.

I introduce some tips and techniques to ride on a bicycle in a tight skirt for people who need to commute in it.

The friction of skirt liner and your tights gets your skirt tumbles up.

Of cause, your body shape such as your hip size does matter. In many cases, the tight skirt is tumbled up by friction between your skirt liner and tights.

Therefore, you can avoid it if you put on a skirt which back cloth is slippy. You can do it by getting on a petticoat or a flare panties under your skirt when you only have liner-less tight skirt.

A slit makes your skirt less tight.

Put on a skirt with slits to reduce friction and weaken the pressure by your tight skirt when you pedal. Some ladies make a slit by raveling thread of their skirt.

You can pedal easily in a tight skirt look if you put on one with a slit or made from stretchy material. You also have less difficulties if you choose a skirt which fit well not to your waist but to your hip size.

A long wrapover skirt on a tight skirt

Your underwear will not be exposed if you put on a bit longer wrapping skirt on your tight skirt.

It also good to use in winter. A warm wrapover skirt protects your legs from coldness.